The brief was simple - design a playful 3D scene that transitioned from day to night, showing the design agency [the client for this project] always open amongst a busy street. This would reflect their dedication and hard work in their early years.
But the challenge was demanding. I had no experience whatsoever in the program that I needed to use - Cinema 4D.

Despite this, I took on the project - seeing it every bit as much as an opportunity to learn a new piece of software and expand my skillset. I was working with, and briefing, high-level 3D visualisers at my 9 to 5 agency role, so it was the perfect opportunity to have more understanding around the 3D package they use.


Vehicles made up a huge part of the scene’s personality. I worked on how the cars, trucks and tube carriage would interact and engage with one another — a car crashes into a building, another pauses until a barrier raises. All these little interactions give the feeling that our hero blue van is a small part of a bigger, bustling world.

Website Roll out

The animation brought to life the story around the ageny’s early years, providing a lovely talking point with their clients. They therefore wanted to feature the animation across different channels. One of these was their website.
They asked for a visual to use when their site underwent maintenance — this focused on the Forecast studio quite literally under construction!

Project Details

Client: Forecast Design
Category: 3D  |  Animation
Involvement: Art Direction  |  Design
Agency: Personal Freelance   •   Year: 2018
Software: Cinema 4D  |  After Effects