There was a category-wide problem which our creative needed to address if our campaign was to prove successful.

The health benefits of fish are now well-established and many of us are trying to include more fish in our diets. Yet, although Princes is a well known brand, sales had fallen.
This was partly down the worries about the sustainability of fishing, perceptions that fish is inconvenient but also because of the misunderstandings around canned fish.
In a recent survey, only 4% of partipants thought canned fish was nutritious when compard to fresh fish. While only 15% of people thought it was more tasty than frozen fish.

So, it was clear that we needed to communicate the many benefits of Princes canned fish, namely that it was naturally nutritious and had democratic appeal.

Our ‘Yes we can!’ platform ensured the product was at the heart of the campaign.

There was an opportunity to step-change this category and build more equity around the Princes canned fish brand. To do this we needed to go on the front foot and address these myths [around canned fish].

We wanted the campaign to feel like a movement, realigning people’s opinions when it came to canned fish. We brought this to life in an authentic and branded way, while keeping the spirit and sense of activism. It was everything people may not associate with a canned fish brand - fun, colourful and bold. Nobody could accuse the campaign of being bland and forgettable, which would hopefully translate into how consumers would perceive canned fish.

We wanted the campaign to feel like a movement with spirit, therefore the art direction had to clearly communicate this.

The witty headlines, based on working fish puns into common phrases or pop-culture references, would draw people in and land the ‘yes we can!’ concept. We visually reinforced this with a playful and bold 3D approach for the typography.
Halftone and screenprinted textures helped give that ‘join the movement’ feeling we wanted.
The colour palette was flexible, designed to be interchangable. Red headlines could sit on either orange, yellow or pink backgrounds, for example. This created a lovely varied series of ads, which were clearly part of the same campaign.

Project Details

Client: Princes Group
Category: Campaign
Involvement: Art Direction  |  Design
Agency: Lucky Generals   •   Year: 2021
Market Region: UK
Software: Photoshop  |  Illustrator