Innovation Zero was a huge event where notable people within the climate industry would be present.
Therefore our campaign had to showcase the importance of 8 Rivers and the work they do. The campaign had to capture interest, attract people to the exhibition stand and then provide talking points.

With this in mind, our big idea for the event campaign was to viusally demonstrate the dramatic differences climate change could have on London by the year 2050.
With the world teetering on an irreversible climate crisis, half of our campaign would showcase how London may look if we don’t take a proactive stance. The other half shows the flip-side of this - how it could look if we implement certain clean ways of living.
Showing a real-world location [London] viewers are familiar with in the grip of a climate disaster, would ensure people sit up and take more notice.

We only had 3 weeks from the point of briefing to the event at Olympia London.
This was a very tight turnaround to come up with a campaign, design the key visuals and produce an interactive element to the display.

Comping images to visualise a dystopian, disaster-hit London would be a time consuming process to get right. So I turned to AI and Midjourney, to help produce the visuals for our campaign. After producing a suite of images through Midjourney, I comped elements together – adding rain, debris in the river, a high water level and smoke in the distance.

Once the campaign identity was in place, we turned our attention to the display stand and the interactive AR aspect.
The client wanted some form of AR experience within the display, which would tie into our campaign idea and key visuals.

We decided to create an interactive experience in which the user would actively clean London, and the see the results. The scene would begin by bearing a resemblance to the left side of the key visual - a dark, dirty, dystopian skyline. As users performed certain gestures, the scene of London would gradually improve and get cleaner, until it finally mimicked the right side of the visual.

The AR experience would be based on four of 8 Rivers’ technologies. Each one would ask the user to perform a certain gesture to help improve the scene.

Clean Fuels: Asks the player to raise their arms in a sweeping motion, resulting in the Thames filling with clean water.

Carbon Removal: Asks the user to motion downwards with both arms resulting in the smoke plumes reducing gradually to nothing, creating a clear enviornment.

Clean Industry: Asks the user to rotate their arms in a circular motion, resulting in the fog surrounding the Shard to dissipate.

Clean Power: Asks the user to slide their arms sideways, mimicing a horiztonal switch, resulting in scene of London being lit.

I used Midjourney to conceptualise two visuals for each of the four interactions — a before state and an after state. The company employeed to create the AR tech would use my visuals as a basis to create the landscape that would be leveraged in the tech.

My visuals were then used across comms (such as banners seen at Innovation Zero) when promoting the four technologies.

Project Details

Client: 8 Rivers
Category: Event Campaign  |  AI
Involvement: Art Direction  |  Design  |  Rollout
Agency: Madano   •   Year: 2023
Software: Photoshop  |  Midjourney