Rebranding to ‘AXA Health’ was deeper than just a name change. It was a major milestone for the company and needed to be celebrated as such.

Change can be scary for employees. And when AXA Health was transforming from a traditional, health insurer into a modern, wellbeing partner – and combining three companies into one – it was a huge change.

We needed to unite employees to embrace the transformation. But not with a one-off campaign. It had to be the start of something big: a complete behavioural shift. Our internal campaign was designed to encourage every person at AXA Health to think about the small changes they could make — the tiny switches that would make a difference to their workday, their teams, the products they offer, and the customers they serve. And a lot of small switches can transform an entire culture.

Designed to inspire, the key visuals seen around the company gave examples of things employees could change — from long formal meetings, to quick stand ups. From a 20-point to-do-list, to a 5-point must-do-list.

The launch rollout

As well as promoting the key visuals across the companies headquarters, I designed much of the branded collateral which was used to launch and promote the campaign internally.
This included notebooks, postcards and a deck of cards, used to stimulate employees with inspiring messages.

Second Phase: ‘Switch it’ Stories

Following the campaign key visuals, we ran 'Switch it' stories, designed to inspire others within the AXA team.
While the launch visuals gave theoretical examples of how to ‘switch it up’, these stories focused on real employees (with whom we had a photoshoot with) who had already made small changes, showing what was possible.

“I’ve seen lots of employee brand and culture campaigns in big blue chip organisations over my career. This is the most integrated, innovative and effective that I’ve seen.”

This was because Anna Matty, Chief Operating Officer at AXA Health, saw our teaser films, launch initiatives and celebrity encouragement result in 2,269 people attending the launch, an uplift of 88% on the previous record. Nearly three quarters, 73%, of employees believed they could play an active role in transforming the business.

The launch campaign was externally recognised and won the following awards:
- PR Moment 2021 / Employee engagement campaign of the year
- Sabre Awards 2021 / Best engagement campaign in the healthcare sector
- PR Week 2021 / Highly commended for best internal engagement campaign

Project Details

Client: AXA Health
Category: Campaign
Involvement: Art Direction  |  Design
Agency: MSL   •   Year: 2020
Market Region: UK
Software: Photoshop  |  InDesign