Prudential wanted to a new campaign to hero their new ambitious mission.

“To be the global leader in expanding access to investing, insurance, and retirement security."

In order for us to make this shift, we had to establish Prudential's symbol, The Rock, in service of them, not just as a statement of their own strength.
We produced three routes that made up our pitch deck, with 'Who's your rock?' being the lead concept.

‘In life, we never know what’s coming next.
It can be exciting but it’s also scary.’

‘Maybe a new life, a new passion, or a burst pipe. But what we do know is that when you have the right support you can handle anything.
Everyone needs a rock.’

As the U.S. emerged from the pandemic, more than 2 in 3 Americans expressed concern about their financial futures, while 62% were anxious about their current finances.
As a response to this, our creative weaves the rock into life's key moments — a reflection in sunglasses, a tattoo on the arm, an embroidered badge. They show that no matter where their customers are in life, the rock (a metaphor for something far bigger) will be there to support them.

Visual Treatment

As with most pitches, we didn’t have a bank of imagery supplied by the client to select from or the budget to shoot anything. So each visual was comped together, photoshopping the rock-based elements into each scene.

Project Details

Client: Prudential Financial
Category: Pitch  |  Campaign
Involvement: Design
Agency: Lucky Generals   •   Year: 2022
Market Region: US
Software: Photoshop