Due to the higher price point of VEEV, we needed to create a sophisticated and premium identity.

The device itself is an object of beauty, so we used this as the focal point throughout our creative. The 'device first' approach ensured we heroed the product, while creating a holding device (an iconic 'V' shape) to house lifestyle or flavour cues, depending on the key visual communication.

Creative Positioning

IQOS already had one vaping product in market; their entry-level disposable product - VEBA. It's look and feel was colourful and fun which denoted it's cheaper price point.

Now VEEV would be entering the market as their premium offering in their lineup. We therefore had to create a campaign that retained equity to the masterbrand (so consumers would know it came from IQOS) while communicating the premium nature of the product.

With consumers familiar with the VEBA architecture, we created our own take on the iconic 'V'.

The device made up the left side of the 'V' as it was a device led piece of communication. Flavour made up the right side of the 'V' - visually conveying what the device delivered. It was all wrapped up in a considered and premium look and feel successfully communicating the nature of the product.

Project Details

Client: IQOS (Philip Morris International)
Category: Campaign (development stage)
Involvement: Art Direction  |  Design
Agency: Futurebrand   •   Year: 2021
Market Region: Europe
Software: Photoshop