This platform celebrates their purpose and champions every gymgoer with a simple message: ‘we’re with you’.

No matter who you are or where you are on your fitness journey, The Gym Group is on your side with the support and encouragement people need.
Research found that one of the main barriers to fitness is ‘gymtimidation’ – people feeling self-conscious and lacking confidence in the gym. To tackle this, we created a memorable and amusing music-led idea, featuring supportive tracks that everyone can work out to.

The first campaign (and the one I was involved in) was ‘Gym Face’, which centred around a simple fact: we’ve all got a gym face.

‘We're with you’ is the big idea that was going to show people that The Gym Group will do whatever it takes to support them on their fitness journey — starting with making gyms a little less intimidating.
Tonally, we decided the best way to stand out in what can sometimes be a cold and intimidating category was to be honest, insightful and to say things with a smile. Or, in this case, with a Gym Face...

‘“Gymtimidation’ is a very real issue, particularly for women, as one-in-three non-gymgoers say they would feel out of place in the gym.”

Emily Kortlang, group brand and marketing director at The Gym Group, went on to say; “We’re determined to reassure the nation that we understand their fears and will be there to support and cheer them on in their fitness journey – our whole group is behind them. We’re proudly mass market; but low-cost no longer needs to mean low quality and we wanted to reflect this confidence in our offering within the campaign.
We wanted to challenge category norms and are very proud of the firepower that is Gym Face.”

Supporting Advertising

Once the advert’s launch was scheduled, I worked with a creative team to design and rollout all the advertising for Out-of-Home and social that would support our campaign.
The tone of the TVC was captured in supporting touchpoints by using humourous lines that supported the brand platform.

Project Details

Client: The Gym Group
Category: Campaign
Involvement: Design  |  Rollout
Agency: Lucky Generals   •   Year: 2022
Market Region: UK
Software: Photoshop