Based on the findings of market research, we hit on a graphic novel look and feel for the campaign.

This was a brave departure for what was a fairly traditional brand as well as the Indonesian market, but one that would really resonate with the target audience.

Working with a copywriter, we started by creating the characters and their characteristics that would represent each variant in the range. Once we had finalised these, we went on to develop their style and look, write a storyline for them and then storyboard out each short story.

We then enlisted the help of a professional graphic novel artist to bring our vision to life before incorporating the illustrations into the campaign key visuals and accompanying graphic novels.

The campaign caught the imagination of the Indonesian market and proved an instant success.

Product sales far exceeded initial estimates, creating a buzz around the product and gaining huge traction in the category due to how unique our approach was.
The graphic novel creative was taken across advertising while the first issue of the ‘Strike’ graphic novel shifted thousands of copies.

Project Details

Client: British American Tobacco (B.A.T)
Category: Campaign
Involvement: Art Direction  |  Rollout
Agency: Geometry Global   •   Year: 2018
Market Region: Indonesia
Software: Photoshop