We don’t realise how important data roaming is, until we don’t have it.

We lean on our smartphones more than ever when we’re abroad. From weather reports to hotel bookings, looking up maps to finding reliable taxis - they’re our most trusted travel companions. But if your smartphone’s roaming-less, it’s pretty much useless.

With this in mind, our campaign brought to life how it feels to be stuck abroad without data.

The year prior to this campaign, O2 focused on telling everyone how brilliant it was to have free roaming.

In 2023, this campaign needed to remind them what is could be like to go without it. But we needed to be careful that we didn’t create a negative tone of voice while dramatising this negative. The creative needed to stay fun, entertaining and engaging.
This started by creating three holiday-related compositions of Bubl (the O2 mascot) for the campaign, seen above.

Once the campaign launched, the TV advert (which I helped storyboard to sell in the campaign idea to the client) continued the theme of demonstrating what it is like to have no data while abroad.

Campaign activation

Once the key visuals were designed, we rolled out some associated activation that expanded and continued the ‘our data won’t desert you’ campaign into other, unexpected channels.
This activation would run in tantem with the print campaign and TVC to promote awareness, engagement and interaction.

The Data Departure Lounge

We wanted to target consumers at the very heart of where this problem occurs - their journey to the airport.
Starting with a takeover at London Victoria train station, the campaign continued on the Gatwick Express train. Once they reach the airport, messaging directs them to an O2 pop up in the departure hall, giving away free data to people who aren’t with O2.

O2 x Trunki Partnership

O2 partners with Trunki to create a Bubl limited edition case that, like our data, will stay by consumers side on holiday. They are given to lucky customers, as well as some handpicked mumfluencers (such as Giovanna Fletcher) to promote the campaign on social.

Deserted Island Discs

We spare a thought for all those non-O2 customers facing the prospect of extortionate data costs for streaming Spotify on their holiday. We’ll give them ‘Deserted Island Discs’ - a playlist curated full of holiday songs to download before they jet off.

O2 x Duolingo Partnership

O2 maximises their partnership with Duolingo to offer O2 customers a free limited time subscription. Because, with data that doesn’t desert you, customers can use it to their heart’s content whilst abroad.
For each European language, we’ll add a special ‘Bublingo’ course where people can learn phrases that help them not to overpay on holiday.

Roast cards from on holiday

Roasting is a popular thing in 2023.
O2 collaborates with people like @shxtsngigs to target something truly worth roasting: roaming charges.
Fans can put themselves up for a roast when they post about how they’re getting rinsed by roaming. And O2 can step in with free data to help out.

‘Got your Back’ Lilos

O2 gives away thousands of inflatable ‘Got Your Back’ Lilos.
They’ll give their customers something great to take away on holiday while giving O2 free advertising in every hotel, pool and beach around Europe.

Project Details

Client: O2
Category: Campaign (development stage)  |  Activation
Involvement: Design  |  Rollout
Agency: Girl & Bear (VCCP)   •   Year: 2023
Market Region: UK
Software: Photoshop  |  Illustrator