Diageo’s above the line agency had created the campaign key visuals for Smirnoff Essentials.

Off the back of these campaign key visuals and TV commerical, we were tasked with building the associated activation.

Designing how the campaign would come to life on-trade, off-trade and in 3rd spaces, each item had to bring to life Smirnoff's new brand positioning. Touchpoints ranged from designing bartender's uniforms, coasters, bottle glorifiers, signs, retail point of sale, through to external spaces.

The campaign commercial (video below) brings to life Smirnoff’s colourful story:

“We’ve been smuggled. Stolen. Dubiously traded. Concealed. Counterfeited. Widowed. Divorced. Imprisoned. Exiled. Killed off by the Russian government.
Resurrected in Constantinople. Shut down.
Resurrected in France. Bankrupted.
Resurrected in Poland. Prohibited.
Resurrected in America. Disguised, and sued.
Ours is the vodka chosen by the rascals and provocateurs. Theirs, and ours, is a timeless world of intrigue, of story, of delicious mischief. Of sharp, witty retorts, raised brows, red-lipped smirks, secret nods, and mysterious packages.”

On Trade Essentials

Our on trade assets had to provide a visual disruption to stand out at the back of bar and win 1st drink. We designed a range of visibility assets to keep Smirnoff top of mind and drive purchase in-bar.

3rd Space Essentials

Smirnoff has had many homes over its long and checkered history. But it’s America, and more specifically Hollywood, where they found their fame. From the invention of the Smirnoff Mule in a LA Bar to the Hollywood stars that adorned their advertising, this is their spiritual home.
And so, the design of these environments had to follow a contemporary re-interpretation of the timeless glamor of a mid-century Hollywood hotel.

Global Toolkit

Once we the activation was complete, I was responsible for putting together the toolkit [guidelines] which were designed as a guide to showcase 'best in class' visibility, while growing the brand and communicating their story of becoming the most infamous spirit.

The final toolkit went out to local markets around the world, who would use this as their 'bible' to implement the Smirnoff Essentials campaign and activation in their area.

Project Details

Client: Diageo
Category: Campaign  |  Activation  |  Guidelines
Involvement: Design  |  Rollout
Agency: HeyHuman   •   Year: 2019
Market Region: Europe
Software: Photoshop  |  InDesign